How we started

During a vacation trip with the family to the Dominican Republic in May 2005, we had the opportunity to visit some small churches in the cities of the southern part of the country. This gave us the opportunity to get in touch with the harsh reality of the limited conditions that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is presented to the people in many parts of the country. The Lord showed us how the economic status of these areas of the country, limits the potential and capacity of the people of God to spread the Gospel. We witnessed the fact that They are struggling with issues of livelihood with their family while trying to direct their ministries. They lack transportation, educational materials and technical support, as well as others resources for the successful implementation of their ministries.

There are Ministers of God teaching the word of God in small houses in poor condition lacking electricity or generators, benches or chairs, musical and electronic instruments, communication devices and sanitary facilities. Physical limitations are so precarious that some pastors are to teach God’s Word to children and adults under the trees standing or sitting on stones.

The effect these events caused in our hearts was tremendous. We felt the need to do something to help, but we didn’t know how at that time. For more than one year, we returned to the subject again and again. The Holy Spirit reminded us and kept us restless with the desire to do something to help them. We prayed for them, but it wasn’t enough for us; until one day, that a good friend of us was used by the Holy Spirit to tell us that we must reflect on the fact that when God gives you a vision he will provide the people and resources to fulfill the vision and that all what we needed to do was to start with what we had.

One day, while we were praying for guidance, the Lord told us how to do it and the word in which the Ministry was founded (2 Corinthians 8). My wife and I decided to invite a group of Christian friends to our home, including our Pastors and we presented our vision to them on September 3, 2006.

At that meeting, the Holy Spirit was manifested in a powerful way. More people than what we invited came to the meeting representing six different nations. They said that what was happening in Dominican Republic also was taking place in Latin America. The view was supported and the decision to create a Ministry to help the churches and their communities in countries of Latin America and in the Caribbean. It was also decided at the meeting that the Ministry would be without any denomination.

The process to develop a nonprofit corporation was also decided the same day. The incorporation of Latin American Ministries Bridge, Inc. (LAMB) was completed on July 24, 2007.

July Sterling, MSED