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How we started

We are going to address the issue of respect because we understand that, there are many people who do not really know or do not practice this concept in a correct way or rather in a way that helps us develop a better relationship in a general sense as human beings and particularly as Christians.

In reality, we all have our own interpretation of what the word respect means and naturally we act based on our knowledge.

There are several forms or types of respect: respect for others, mutual respect and other ways of respecting such as institutional respect, etc.

We will talk about the first three ways because we consider them to be the basic ones in the daily life of humans.

1: Self-Respect: Respect in general is learned at home without realizing. It is very important that people respect themselves because if a person has no respect for themselves, it is practically impossible for them to develop any other form of respect. Respect is like God's love, grace and mercy in which even though we deserve nothing, He decided to give us salvation through the death on the cross of his son Jesus. Imagine if God would have decided to give us salvation on our merits alone; simply, no one would be saved. It can also be compared to the unconditional love and respect we have especially for our wives, husbands and children. Just imagine that before you decide to love them respect them, you had to sit down and do a personal analysis of each of them to determine whether or not they deserve to be loved and respected. Again no one would respect or love anyone because it is impossible to earn the right to be loved.

2: Respect for Others: Let's talk a little now about respect for others. Respect for others is fundamental in everyone's life. However, it is practically impossible to respect others if the person did not learn to respect themselves at home or with whom they grew up with. The requirements to be able to respect others are: respect ourselves, when the person respects himself, he almost automatically develops the need to respect others. Because we have the capacity and courage to respect ourselves we can decide to respect others. Because we respect ourselves, we don't have to feel respected by others to feel good. Why? Because respect also intrinsically leads to the development of self-esteem and other components that help us to have a clear idea of who we are as people and if we are Christians we must also know who we are in Christ Jesus.

We must be aware, as we have said before, many people will not respect us and that should not worry us if we have done anything to disrespect them. The other requirement: Respect others, period.

Respect for others is actually an undeserved favor. That is why we said before that respecting others is very much like salvation which is also an undeserved favor that by his love, God gives us through Jesus. Look, we respect others, not on the basis of their merits or respect for us. We respect others because we have learned to respect everyone and because God commands us not to judge anyone because. With the same rod you judge you will be judged and disrespect to another person no matter whom it is a horrible way of judging them.

3: Mutual Respect: Let's talk a little bit about mutual respect. Respecting each other is a requirement to be able to have certain human relationships such as marriage, relationships with children, friends, co-workers, etc. Mutual respect is a little different but simple to understand. The fundamental difference is that, there are now two or more people involved in the dynamics that characterize or dominate relationships between humans. People think and act on what they really are. For example: I respect you for who I am and you don't respect me for who you are. That's the case regardless of the respect I think I deserve from others or what other people think I deserve. Therefore mutual respect results from the individual ability of two or more people to see others as they are, accept them as they are and love them as they are. Waiting for everyone to respect us is a chimera, it is not real; it cannot be real in the world, but respecting everyone is a simple decision and we all have the opportunity to develop with God's help.

Some Suggestions: Here are the suggestions for developing respect that is perhaps what interest adults who did not have the opportunity to develop self-respect and respect for others in the time and age they should develop with the help of their parents.

1- Learn to respect yourself

2- Know who you are as a person and who you are in Christ Jesus

3- Free yourself from fears, envy, vengeance, the spirit of condemnation and other barriers.

4- Decides to see where others are and decides to respect and love them as they are without judging them.

5- Make an intentional effort to learn that no one can change anyone

6- In every relationship focus on the mutual good, (win/win).

7- Never judge anyone especially if it is based on psychological feelings, emotions or needs.

8- Always treat everyone else with respect and it will be a matter of time before many respect you.

The secret is to grow to a level of development in which one does not need to be emotionally or spiritually fed from the outside.

It is never too late or impossible to change while one is alive because God shows no preference among people (Romans 2:11). Ask the Holy Spirit to help you develop the fruit of the spirit so that you can be free and dependent solely on God.

By Julio Sterling The Respect